Thursday, May 10, 2012

Help for Overwhelmed Folks!

Today, I'm working from my "other" office - Panera because it seems that when I'm home, very little gets done. Normally, when I'm here, I'm under a deadline. I come in, I fire up my computer, I write and write until it's all done. Today is different. I have 10 different things on my to-do list. For some reason, after I wrote down all that I needed to accomplish, I suddenly felt overwhelmed. Where do I start? What's the priority? Even if I don't finish #3, I MUST finish #8 before my daughter gets out of school. In the midst of feeling overwhelmed, I thought about an easy escape - Facebook. If I just opened up that browser, I could take my mind off all the things I had to do for a moment. But the Holy Spirit spoke up inside me and let me know that I was using Facebook (as fun as it might be) as a crutch to be unproductive. Ouch! Well, even after He told me that, I still wasn't feeling any better about my list of things-to-do. Didn't have any more guidance than I'd had five minutes earlier. And then He did what He does so well - brought scripture to my remembrance. "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for reminding me. Thank You, Lord, for the power of Your word to remind us of all the provision You have already made for us!


  1. Ohh thank you for this, earlier this year I felt my bible study suffering because of my online time. I made plans to study, to do devotion or meditate on God in my everyday activities, but somehow I kept pushing the task further down on my to do list, until the day was over and I had not open my bible.

    The beginning of 2012 I removed may of the face book games I played and cut down my time immensely.

    Now I have balance and I feel great.
    Thanks for being here I will be back!

  2. You're welcome, Missy - so glad you were inspired to narrow it down!