Monday, January 31, 2011

Wife Lesson #2 with Tiffany Warren

How do some couples make it look so easy?

Tiffany Warren is a busy, creative mother of five who has been married for twelve years. In Wife Lesson #2, Tiffany shares some lessons she's still learning about preserving a godly marriage in the midst of every-day hustle. Listen as we discuss very REAL topics like:

* When to just leave your husband alone
* How to respect boundaries during disagreements
* How they worked as a team to manage five kids when they had no money for daycare

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wife Lessons #1 - "Why Did I Get Married?" & "What I Know Now" with Ella Curry

Happy New Year!
Let me make this short and sweet - I've missed you all! But don't fret - I've been in the prayer closet (and I pray you have, too) and gotten some directives about this blog. The focus for this blog in 2011 is to encourage women who's marriages are in a difficult stage.

Please listen, learn, and share with another woman who just needs encouragement for today.

To God be the Glory!