Monday, January 31, 2011

Wife Lesson #2 with Tiffany Warren

How do some couples make it look so easy?

Tiffany Warren is a busy, creative mother of five who has been married for twelve years. In Wife Lesson #2, Tiffany shares some lessons she's still learning about preserving a godly marriage in the midst of every-day hustle. Listen as we discuss very REAL topics like:

* When to just leave your husband alone
* How to respect boundaries during disagreements
* How they worked as a team to manage five kids when they had no money for daycare


  1. Unfortunately, I can't hear the message. I could not hear post 1 either :(

  2. think about the good in your husband and thank God for him....let him know how much you love him:-)NOW TODAYS LESSON WAS REAL TALK!!I REALLY ENJOYED IT!!! THANKS LADIES

  3. Hmmm...let me see what I can do, Ayesha :)

  4. This is a good lesson. Very encouraging on being consistent with the prayer time. My first request? A monthly spa package! LOL.

  5. Good lesson in co-existing in parenting and marital life, enjoyed.