Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wife Lesson #4 with Shannon & Michelle - Surviving & Thriving After Infidelity

We live in a fallen world, and sin is present. But because of Christ, sin does not have the last word. Listen to a candid conversation between two women of God who experienced infidelity in their marriages but decided (despite biblical grounds for divorce) to forgive, stay, and work things out. 


  1. wat happens wen u hav been da 1 tht has committed da affair but ur spouse doesnt no?

  2. Dear Anonymous
    Thanks for reaching out - either for you or someone else. For the person in an affair: First and foremost, repent (agree with God that having an affair is sin, and stop the affair), and return to the One true love of your life, Christ. No one - spouse or otherwise - will ever love you like Christ does. And if you don't know that FOR REAL already, that's actually the biggest concern. Affairs are temporary, marriages might last 60 years - but your eternal condition is what's most important. Just like my friend Shannon did, entrust what happens in your life and your marriage to God. He will show you when/how/where to move beyond this breach in the covenant. I'm not trying to sound all "spiritual" with this answer - I'm serious about the fact that this is one of those situations where you need God's explicit guidance. So, of course, the first thing to do is put your hand back in His because again, like my friend Shannon, He is able to intervene in a way you never thought imaginable when you surrender everything to Him - starting with you.