Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Welcomed Delay

“For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter…”Ecclesiastes 8:6

Today, my son and I went to the driver’s license office to make an appointment for him to take the driving test and get his permit converted to a real live license. All the way to the office, I kept thinking about his most recent blunders: driving on the curb, impeding traffic, keeping his eyes straight ahead without looking around. I even remembered the time (10 years ago, mind you), when he hit a parked car with his bicycle and knocked out his front tooth. Really - can anyone who hits a parked car ever be trusted to drive any type of vehicle?

We arrived at the licensing office, grabbed a number, and took a seat. After several minutes of waiting, we were called to the counter where we learned that, due to a technical error, my son was not yet eligible to take the licensing test. He would need to drive another three months on a permit, under the direction of an adult sitting right beside him.

I wondered how on earth his driver’s ed instructors had missed the error. Yet, I didn’t argue because this “error” brought a much-needed peace and would give him an opportunity to practice his driving skills a bit longer before he drives unaccompanied. Thank you, Lord!

As we walked out of the office, the Spirit began to minister to me, letting me know that there are times when God allows a delay for our own good. Bottom line: we’re just not ready for some of the things we’re praying for. Unlike the enemy, God doesn't set us up for failure or to become a danger to others. We’re not ready for leadership until we’ve proven ourselves good followers, we’re not ready for financial increase until we’ve proven ourselves good stewards over what we already have in our possession, and we’re not ready for our own “big break” until we can first be genuinely happy for someone else’s “big break.”

The world may promote people based on beauty, intelligence, or even hard work, but God is a much better judge of when people are ready to get certain licenses and operate in certain realms. Like my son, some of us need more practice before He releases us on the next mission.

Don’t be upset. Don’t be disheartened. Just get more practice in following the Holy Spirit’s lead!

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